Master Of Science – Chemistry

Master Of Science – Chemistry

The undergraduate programme provides a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative tools of economic analysis. It also familiarizes students with shifts in development paradigms with particular reference to India’s experience. Graduating students obtain admission in prestigious management institutions and study further in prestigious institutions in India. The major constituent units of the Economics Discipline Course are: Mathematical Methods for Economics, Statistical Methods in Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Financial Markets, Econometrics, Indian Economic Development, International Economics, Development Theory and Experience, Political Economy, and Public Economics.

Part 1:
Paper 1: Principles of Economic Analysis
Paper 2: Indian Economic Problems

Part 2:
Paper 1: National Income Analysis, Money and Banking
Paper 2: Public Finance and International Trend

Part 3:
Paper 1: Economics of less Developed Countries
Paper 2: (i) Economic Policy of India
(ii) Quantitative Methods
(ii) History of Economic Thought

Paper 3: Project and viva voce